Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lladro Figurine - Real or Fake?

Lladro: Real or Fake?

Spotting a fake Lladro figurine is fairly easy once you know what to look for. Since the beginning, Lladro has stamped the bottoms of their porcelain figurines.

Before purchasing, make sure you can see one of these stamps on the bottom of the figurine.

eBay: Tips for Lladro Sellers

Take good pictures of your Lladro figurine including the bottom stamp. Include the Lladro item number because that is a common search method. Also include the item name, ie "Girl With Calle Lillies" to help searchers find your item. If there was a Certificate of Authenticity, scan or take pictures of it. These tips will help your buyers find you and trust you.

eBay: Tips for Lladro Buyers

Insist on seeing a picture of the stamp before buying the figurine so you can insure it's authentic. Check the feedback of the seller to make sure they're a trustworthy vendor of Lladro products The Lladro website is a great resource for historical information on retired Lladro figurines.


Keith said...

You can also tell if a figurine is a 'second' (not in perfect condition), and these pieces are usually sold from the Lladro warehouses only, though occassionally a collector will try to sell an imperfect figurine as perfect - in the last four pictures you have of the Lladro backstamp, there is a flower over the Lladro name. 'Seconds' have this flower removed. Consumers looking to buy Lladro figurines secondhand, please check for this so as not to get cheated.

Anonymous said...

Earlier Lladro 'Seconds' are denoted by a double stamp, which Lladro used prior to defacing the bellflower. So if you've wondered why some pieces are double stamped- this is the reason!