Monday, March 10, 2008

Retired Piece Information

Lladro Retired Pieces

Lladro has 3 types of pieces they manufacture. It's important that you know the differences.

Open Edition: These are pieces produced in unlimited quantity for as long as it was being issued. Some pieces were Open Editions for over 20 years so that'll reduce it's collectibility. Over time these should still rise in value as they are no longer being produced.

Limited Edition: These are pieces limited to a certain amount produced. Not every limited piece is produced in the same quantities. They do come with a certificate authenticating it as a limited edition. You may fine one Limited piece has 3,000 made and another where it was 10,000. These are obviously more collectible because of the much smaller quantity made.

Numbered Series: This is kind of a hybrid. They produce pieces in an unlimited number until they are retired but each piece is given a number and a certificate. In general, lower numbers are worth more because they are older.

How To Clean Lladro Figurines

How To Clean Lladro Figurines

Your Lladro figurines deserve to be kept in the best condition possible. These fine collectibles will retain their beauty best when they are dusted and cleaned regularly and stored properly.

To keep your figurines from fading do not store them in direct sunlight. To minimize dust and soil, display your figurines in an enclosed cabinet. This also keeps them safe from children and pets.

To dust, use a small, soft bristled brush. A small artist paint brush or a makeup brush both work well. Fine, microfiber cloths work very well too and trap the dust.

For a dirty figurine, use warm water and a very mild soap like Ivory with a soft cloth. Old cotton t-shirts work very well for this kind of thing. Never use anything with bleach or amonia or anything abrasive. If your figurine has a hole in it, cover the hole with tape to keep water from getting inside. Water on the can damage the figurine over time.

Never put your figurines or collectibles in the dishwasher! The extremely hot water and high pressure will do a lot of damage!

When cleaning the item, place it on a soft towel or cloth. If you accidentally knock it over it'll have a soft place to fall.

If you follow these tips your figurines will stay clean, undamaged, and beautiful.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lladro Figurine - Real or Fake?

Lladro: Real or Fake?

Spotting a fake Lladro figurine is fairly easy once you know what to look for. Since the beginning, Lladro has stamped the bottoms of their porcelain figurines.

Before purchasing, make sure you can see one of these stamps on the bottom of the figurine.

eBay: Tips for Lladro Sellers

Take good pictures of your Lladro figurine including the bottom stamp. Include the Lladro item number because that is a common search method. Also include the item name, ie "Girl With Calle Lillies" to help searchers find your item. If there was a Certificate of Authenticity, scan or take pictures of it. These tips will help your buyers find you and trust you.

eBay: Tips for Lladro Buyers

Insist on seeing a picture of the stamp before buying the figurine so you can insure it's authentic. Check the feedback of the seller to make sure they're a trustworthy vendor of Lladro products The Lladro website is a great resource for historical information on retired Lladro figurines.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lladro and Nao: What's the difference?

Lladro and Nao are both made by the same company. A piece by LLadro and Nao might be similar in appearance, but, if you look closer, you start to notice differences.

Both pieces are made from porcelain, however, Lladro uses a better quality, more refined, porcelain resin to cast each piece. After the pieces are cast, the Lladro figurines are sanded by hand longer and held to a much higher standard for smoothness than the Nao.

After the pieces are assembled they are painted by hand and finished. The Lladro pieces are hand finished by the best, most experienced, master craftsman at the factory. The Nao pieces are done by their apprentices.

All in all, more time and care is spent on the Lladro piece. This makes them better crafted, more beautiful, and more valuable as a collectible.

Lastly, you will find a difference in marketing strategy. Lladro figurines will be only found in exclusive high end stores. Nao is usually marketed to the masses and can be found just about anywhere.