Monday, March 10, 2008

How To Clean Lladro Figurines

How To Clean Lladro Figurines

Your Lladro figurines deserve to be kept in the best condition possible. These fine collectibles will retain their beauty best when they are dusted and cleaned regularly and stored properly.

To keep your figurines from fading do not store them in direct sunlight. To minimize dust and soil, display your figurines in an enclosed cabinet. This also keeps them safe from children and pets.

To dust, use a small, soft bristled brush. A small artist paint brush or a makeup brush both work well. Fine, microfiber cloths work very well too and trap the dust.

For a dirty figurine, use warm water and a very mild soap like Ivory with a soft cloth. Old cotton t-shirts work very well for this kind of thing. Never use anything with bleach or amonia or anything abrasive. If your figurine has a hole in it, cover the hole with tape to keep water from getting inside. Water on the can damage the figurine over time.

Never put your figurines or collectibles in the dishwasher! The extremely hot water and high pressure will do a lot of damage!

When cleaning the item, place it on a soft towel or cloth. If you accidentally knock it over it'll have a soft place to fall.

If you follow these tips your figurines will stay clean, undamaged, and beautiful.


Diane Fussner said...

My mom has black mold in her house and I was wondering if her Llardos r ok. They were in her china hutch. And what do I use to clean them with

katkat55 said...

I just now received a Lladro figurine bought at auction on Ebay.
It looked as though it had been handled quite a bit - perhaps played with by a child.
I simply took a clean eraser (Ticonderoga #2 black pencil) and gently rubbed the dirt away in tiny sections at a time. It looks 100X better than when I took it out of the mailing box.
Hope this helps.

Music Teacher said...

I have a Nap figurine from circa 1955. It has a matte finish that has grime from being in a smoker's house. Any cleaning tips?